TM30 Tears & Tantrums

Published on 25th August 2019 by Stickboy BKK

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of seeing TM30 talk pop up all over the Thai interwebs – there’s no escaping it.

From Facebook to forums, Twitter and TV… and the clickbait kiddies are in their element keeping the bandwagon rolling all in the name of pageviews.

And of course, everyone is outraged.

From expats to their Thai landlords to the local soi dog who walks past their condo every morning.

People are packing their bags and leaving the country over it, including those with a business and family who’ve made Thailand their home for the past 20 years. According to them, enough is enough.

TM30 tears and tantrums are what I have had enough of. Give it a bloody rest.

TM30 Tears Tantrums

There must be so little going on in some peoples lives that they latch on to something small and trivial and set about putting nothing but doom and gloom in their own heads and anyone stupid enough to read their rants and raves on social media.

Get over it. Fill in the form if you feel the need, skip it and pay the fine if you can’t be bothered. Getting your knickers in a twist isn’t going to change anything, much like that petition circulating.

Keeping TM30 in the spotlight is the worst thing possible.

If you want it to fade away as quickly as it reared its ugly head then STFU blabbing on about it and before you know it, it will slowly disappear out the minds of those pushing it at immigration when something else in the rule book takes their enforcement fancy.

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