Toh Roong… Let’s Go With ‘Rajah Plaza’ Instead

Published on 17th May 2017 by Stickboy BKK

The official name of the bar complex under construction at the Rajah Hotel is Toh Roong – that name is all well and good if you’re Thai or not sank a few pints which is why from here on in this bar area on Soi 4 will be referred to as Rajah Plaza here on Stickboy.

I kid you not, I’d need to go back and check the spelling of Toh Roong every time I mentioned it and with so much going on there that’s going to be a fair few spell checks in the months ahead.

Rajah Plaza is so much easier to remember and spell.

Toh Roong Rajah Plaza

As for what’s going on, well quite a bit. Hillary 1 opened their doors last week and the bar is looking great. In fact so good many have jokingly said it’s too posh for Soi 4.

Lots of construction underway with all the units in Rajah Plaza taken. A few have now seen it asking if there’s any room at the inn and have been told, sorry, all taken.

A few bars are already open with many more to come and I will tell you again what I told you last August. This is not another Nana Plaza. Beer bars, yes, go-go bars, no.

hillary 1 rajah plaza

The 7-Eleven on the corner will close when it’s replacement on the opposite side of the soi is ready and that unit will become a bar.

Coffee shops, a few restaurants and a rooftop beer garden all have workers on the tools and more venues will be opening over the coming months.

rajah plaza

The area to the left that has been bulldozed and set to be rebuilt from scratch should be up towards the end of the year.

It’s all go on Soi 4 and Rajah Plaza is a good addition to what is already on offer.

I will keep you posted of any new venues as and when they open.

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