Triple Entry Tourist Visas

Published on 24th May 2015 by Stickboy BKK

triple entry visa may 2015

A triple entry tourist visa for Thailand is a rarity these days with only a handful of embassies and consulates around the globe still issuing them without questions being asked.

Yeah, you can still get one but it all depends on the where, why and when. You might hit gold and get one from a neighbouring country but the odds must be about one in a million on that happening as embassies and consulates in surrounding countries haven’t being issuing them for quite some time now. Double entry only.

Soft touches like the consulate in Hull are but a fading memory. Stricter rules, tougher criteria and a general all round tightening up on who gets what visa seems to be the way now, no matter where you are in the world.

One UK consulate worth considering if you are on the lookout for a triple entry tourist visa is the small consulate in Glasgow. Run by a very polite and efficient lady, the office is in a shared office building and the setup in place means you never actually meet or see its only member of staff.

You drop your passport off in the morning at the buildings shared reception desk and pick it up later the same day. No questions, no hassles, no nothing.

Of course, you still have the hassle of two border hops and three trips to Cheangwattana to get the maximize numbr of days in Thailand out of it but for some it is one of the few option available.

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