A Week In Sleepy Savannakhet

I spent four days in Savannakhet last summer and loved the peace and quiet of the place so much so that when I had to go and get a new visa there was only one choice as I badly needed a rest.

This run-through of how I spent my week isn’t going to be like my last one as this trip was very different. Mind you, I did stay in the same guesthouse as it is really chilled out.

We headed off Thursday, flew to Ubon, took a car to Mukdahan and then the usual bus and taxi trips over the bridge and to the digs. Very uneventful stuff which is really how the entire week panned out.

As anyone who follows me on Facebook and Twitter will know, it was eat, drink, sleep, repeat. Just what the doctor ordered.

lins cafe suvannakhet

In fact, I slept so much that I didn’t make it to the consulate on the Friday morning as planned which knocked my schedule out of sync by one day. It mattered not as I was booked in the guesthouse until the Tuesday anyway.

The only downside to going on the Monday instead of Friday was the queue to submit applications was like an execution with me picking up ticket number 121 after 3 1/2 hours. Not recommended at all.

And a word of warning to anyone using the photocopy guy opposite the consulate – he is full of bs. He told me my application would be rejected because I had “too many visas” in my passport and the border checkpoint wouldn’t let me back in with a 30 day stamp if it was denied. He claimed “new rule”. What in fact he was actually doing was trying to pull a fast one claiming he had a friend that could get me a 30 day Transit Visa.

Sure, my passport is full of visa but there are Non O & B’s, with one triple entry Tourist Visa from early 2014. The guy manning the application submissions didn’t bat an eyelid.

After picking up my passport it was back across the border to meet our driver which is when I came up with the idea to sleep over in Ubon as I’d missed my lunchtime flight and I couldn’t book one for later in the day on my phone as it was less than 24 hours before flying.

craft beer ubon

It turned out to be a decent idea and we went for a mystery tour of bars to pass the night away. A change is as good as a rest so they say.

The hotel dropped us back to the airport on Wednesday morning and after a week away Bangkok was calling.

A break from work has done me the world of good and it is full steam ahead at Stick HQ…