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Published on 28th May 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Stickboy FC

Stickboy FC finally made their debut at the weekend taking part in the Bangkok International Veteran 7’s Soccer Tournament, and what a great two days it turned out to be, thanks to the players and our team sponsor, Emma Motorbike Rental.

It was an early kick off at Playmaker Park in Ramintra so it was Grab Taxi for me as I had no clue where I was going but my friendly driver soon found the way.

Arriving at the park there was 20 odd teams preparing to take part based on age groups and some of the teams looked like they were taking this too seriously.

For Stickboy FC I seen it all as a bit of fun, a day out and a few beers before heading home which is pretty much how it all went.

pre-match power nap for #8

After a slight delay, which allowed for a pre-match power nap for #8, we got underway with a 4 nil win over the hosts and last years champions Playmaker FC.

The winning streak continued with Team Japan going down 2-1 followed by a 2-0 victory over Kasemsuk Utd, who were apparently going to give us a game. They didn’t show up.

Top of the table and time for a break before one more game of the day as the top two from the two over 35’s groups went on to the next round of matches.

Top of the table

The rain had been threatening all day with thunder and black clouds right above us but we got lucky and it stayed off.

With the sky overcast most of the players, and myself, didn’t bother putting on any sun protection leaving us looking like Team Tomato on Sunday.

Team Tomato

With our last game coming up the boss man of Emma Motorbike Rental joined us for a quick beer… yeah, right. There was no quick beer.

Unfortunately we lost the final game of the day 1-0 to Bangkok Boys but it had been a great effort by all the lads winning three out of our four games and conceding only two goals.

It must be the way the keeper clips his nails…

keeper clips his nails

After maybe an hour, or more likely two, of beer, banter and bullshit it was time to call it a day and head home. I don’t know about the players but I was like a burst couch having slept for only three hours the night before.

Home for a snooze for this old timer…

Day 1 Beer OClock

Day 1 Beer OClock

On Sunday Stickboy FC were up against Playmaker FC and Santos Saigon FC. Thankfully the first kick off wasn’t scheduled until 11.50am meaning I didn’t need to get up at the crack of dawn.

I made it to the ground just in time for the match starting and our boys were looking a little rough round the edges as most had stayed up until the wee small hours watching the Champions League final.

Most of the other teams were looking just as rough but not our first opponents Santos Saigon FC.

These bastards were looking like they’d all gone to bed at 9pm with a cup of hot chocolate on Saturday night. This wasn’t looking good.

Santos Saigon FC

It went as well as expected – a 3-1 defeat to Santos SFC but the lads were in good spirits and a beer delivery arrived soon after from @chefkdk who decided to come and watch the action for a couple of hours.

It was still pretty early but it was hot and humid so a cold beer it was… followed by another and another…

beer delivery

The next game was do or die for #StickboyFC but for some arriving home at 5am after watching the Real-Liverpool game it was all getting too much – especially #9….

The bench for #9

What turned out to be our final game in the tournament ended Stickboy FC 2 – 2 Playmaker FC.

It had been a good run and it was over.

That meant one thing and one thing only, an earlier than scheduled Beer O’Clock.

tin hut

Not only did @chefkdk get the beer in, he fed the team too. Top fella…

chef buys food

There was still football being played outside but the boys were parched after a tough two days…

end of day beers

Miss Kiki was thirsty having worked hard over both days taking all the photos and recording videos.

thirsty photographer

And there were beer pretties serving up free draft Chang for all…

beer pretties

One for the road and home… one can or one tray?

I was still there 90 minutes later. Surprise, surprise.

more beer

A big thanks to Emma Motorbike Rental Bangkok for their generosity in providing the team sponsorship, Somchai The Dog for assembling the team and to Kiki for all the photos and video footage.

I had a top time and everyone in the team were friendly and welcoming – I had only met our Director Of Football Somchai two days before for the first time and the rest of the boys on the Saturday.

Until our next outing, and yes, there will definitely be one but somewhere more convenient for people to come along and cheer the team on while indulging in a few beverages, I’ll finish up with the Photo Of The Tournament.

Stickboy FC Team Photo Of The Day

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