Weekend Washout

Weekend Washout

I knew as soon as I stepped out the door on Saturday night the Gods were not on my side as it started raining before I’d closed the gate and not a motorbike or tuk tuk to be had meaning I’d be walking all the way to the BTS – a 15 minute trek I could be doing without.

The plan was to meet at Lighthouse, have a couple of beers then head to over Patpong for the anniversary party at Club Electric Blue.

I arrived on time for a change and all was going to plan except a few dropouts who decided they were saving themselves for the early morning boxing.

One beer lead to another, a white Russian or two was had, a few lady drinks for Vera and all was good in the world.

Budget Bobby appeared out the neon and joined us for a drink. And then came the downpour.

Weekend Washout

I had cold beer, a hot bird and I was dry. I wasn’t stepping foot in that mini river.

Sorry to Dano, Andy and Dino for not showing face until the show was over, missing everyone and everything.

Dino tells me there was still a pretty good turn out for a rainy night in Patpong. Dollhouse Bangkok went wild-crazy and dirty with a capital D, to pull off a third consecutive victory in the Nanapong dance contest with the tall, sexy, & extremely uninhibited Emm taking home the 10,000 baht first place prize.

mayweather the game

The next part of the weekend plan that went to shit was the boxing… The Billboard crew were meeting at The Game. Little Evil was heading to The Aussie Pub, Steve had a table at The Londoner and Dave The Rave was at Stumble.

Where did Stickboy watch the fight? Nowhere, I was laid up until midday like a loser letting more people down.

Thankfully when I opened my eyes I was in my own bed and not some short time shack or I’d have been neck deep in the smelly stuff with Mrs Stick.

I’m blaming Nathan for everything I didn’t do that I was supposed to. It was ALL his fault. It always is.

And back to work tomorrow…