A Well Rehearsed Robbery – The Tale Of A Light-Fingered Lovely

This tale of a well-rehearsed robbery by a light-fingered lovely happened to me a couple of years ago when the Dutchman was still running Bangkok Bunnies.

Before I get to the story I should make it clear that I haven’t laid eyes on the young lady in question or seen her in any other bar since the night this happened.

Anyway, I was in Bunnies early one night doing a photoshoot which means me sat keeping an eye on things, making sure my partner in crime has enough eye candy to snap and basically doing not a lot which means beer o’clock.

The Dutchman had his wife with him so he had to keep his hands in his pockets but a hot piece of ass had caught his eye and he wanted her to come sit with me so I could grab it and tell him how it felt as he’d be watching his missus feed his dick to the chickens if he dared do it himself.

Sure enough, he calls her over, orders her a drink and tells her to sit with me. Free booze, a drink on the night’s tally and a break from doing photos – why would she complain?

She was a lively sort and alright company so I bought her another while the photoshoot was wrapping up. When it was time up she asked could she come and join us outside instead of returning to the stage. The boss said do as you please as he was still eyeballing her mighty fine ass.

As we sat sinking a couple of beers at the outside bar she is all over me like a cheap suit with the Dutchman telling me to go do the deed as I will regret it tomorrow if I let this pass me by.

He had a point and for once he was actually talking some sense.

The Tale Of A Light-Fingered Lovely

Fuck it, let’s go to the Hollywood Hotel and get this over and done with so off we went with the bar fine waived and her wanting just 1500 baht for a quick roll in the hay.

She was a goer and a good time was had is all I’m going to say about what we got up to and so we get to the point of this tale

It was shower time and she went first while I puffed on a smoke. She was in and out in a flash and in I went.

The thought of her stealing money from me never crossed my mind as she knew I was friends with her boss and worked around Nana Plaza but when I heard my belt buckle clink an alarm bell went off in my head as the little clothes she’d been wearing were laid on top of mine meaning she had no need to move my jeans.

I got dried and dressed and went into my pocket to pay her 2k as she’d been a good sport in the sack but as soon as I felt my cash I knew it was light so I pulled it out and counted it. I found it to be 4k light.

No messing about, I paid her the original 1500 baht fee we’d agreed and asked her where my 4k was? She plays dumb.

Cupcake don’t fuck me about. I work here and know everyone from the owner to the toilet cleaner. You helped yourself to my money and you aren’t gonna get away with it.

Denial, denial, denial.

As we stood going back and forth I happened to kick the matt to stand on as you exit the bathroom and what do you know? Hidden underneath it is 4 one thousand baht notes folded in half.

“Oh, you must have dropped it” she cried all innocent.

Ha, yeah right. It just jumped out my pocket to play hide and seek for a laugh. I pocketed the money and left her stood there.

My assumption was she expected me not to notice and would have made some bullshit excuse she’d forgotten something in the room as we were heading down the stairs. She would run back, stick her stash down her bra as she had no handbag and wasn’t wearing any knickers and be 4,000 baht up.

This time it wasn’t to be but I wonder how many times she’d pulled this trick and got away with it?