What A Week…

Published on 25th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Last week I mentioned it was Shooting Season and things would be a little slower around here as me and my partner in crime got to work around town doing shoots at a couple of dozen bars.

It’s been a wild one…

What A Week

We set to work on Monday in Patpong where we knocked out The Strip, Glamour and the anniversary party at Bada Bing.

What A WeekThe Strip

What A Week Glamour

What A WeekBada Bing

It was a late one but we did take it slowly so on Tuesday I was feeling okay which was good news as we had an early booking at Spanky’s.

Nicky worked us hard and a normally quick job lasted two and a half hours but no complaints – lots of great content and gorgeous girls.

What A WeekSpanky’s

Life is sometimes a blur and one night often merges and blends into the next and the next but I do recall we went to Angelwitch and Playskool on Wednesday.

What A WeekAngelwitch

All was going to plan until I went weak and joined Budget Bobby for a few at the Lighthouse booze buffet.

BIG mistake.

LH booze buffetLighthouse

Mrs Stick and Sister Italy showed up after dropping hints they wanted to come. It was late o’clock and I had to be out at 6am to hit the border as I needed a few days as I’m heading to Jockland in December to see the family, get a new passport and renew my visa.

The border run was a long day as I didn’t actually get to bed as Mrs Stick came home with a bee in her bonnet.

We made good time and were back in Bangkok just after 3pm but traffic was chaotic and I didn’t actually get in until the back of four. I felt dire as I’d only slept a couple of hours on the return trip.

Time to shower and maybe sleep before heading to Nana Plaza for a 6.30pm shoot at Butterflies. I made it on time with no nap and the boys were already there chit chatting outside. I barely managed a hello when a head appeared through the curtain to ask were we ready.

What A WeekButterflies

Wow, that was the second time this week a bar was on the ball and ready to go on time as you usually need to hang around 15-20 minutes for the girls to get ready and organized.

Me and my main man decided to pull the plug on a late shoot at Mandarin and called it a night.

Mr Romantic here jumped on a bike and headed to Lumpini Park to float my krathong with the missus before heading home. I was in bed for 10.10pm and sleeping before 10.11pm. I was exhausted.

What A WeekLumpini Park

I slept a solid 12 hours and felt fantastic on Friday meaning I could play catch up on the website and social media before another 6.30pm start at Billboard.

BB 2018Billboard

All went well and once again the guys nailed it. Budget Bobby popped in to do his nosy and wanted to go drink cider and eat so Big Dogs it was.

Technical issues meant we were off to the Nana Beer Garden after feeding our faces as they do Stowford on tap. We sunk a few and a few more and before you know it we are in Sexy Night with a few familiar faces popping in and out through until 2am.

nana beer gardenNana Beer Garden

One for the road at Spanky’s was another poor decision on my part… you notice this is a recurring problem of mine?

What happened next I’m going to omit but I arrived home at 1pm on Saturday to a rather pissed off wife.

What A Week

Saturday night was looking like 9pm at Hillary 4, 10pm for Erotica and then over to Mandarin but The Preston Potter had arrived back in town after an 18 month absence and was joining us for the night.

what a weekHillary 4

what a weekErotica


Big Dogs again at 8pm and so the night went… work wise all went well but it was messy and ended with beers in The Pickled Liver before heading home before dawn with a Subway sandwich.

And here I am at 10pm once again playing catch up with an early night planned as we get back on it tomorrow for another five nights of back to back shooting.

Of course, I’m telling myself I will be taking it easy this week but with my track record that is very unlikely.

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