What You See, Is What You Get

Published on 18th February 2016 by Stickboy BKK

With it being a slow news day I thought I’d kill 10 minutes by sharing with new readers what goes on around here and on my social media channels as it appears I have left some people bewildered at the wide variety of what gets covered.

Despite sexy chick pics and nightlife news accounting for less than 10% of the content I share a fair few people seem to have the idea that is all I do. I’m afraid not.

There’s simply not enough newsworthy stories from the watering holes and chrome pole palaces of Bangkok to fill one days worth of updates let alone a week.

Stickboy isn’t a news website either although I do share a few items that catch my eye each day that I think may be of interest to readers.


What You See, Is What You Get

On a normal day there’s at least 10 news stories, pics, videos and galleries added to the website with anything between 10-25 social media updates linking to three or four of the website updates mixed with other bits and pieces that will on occasion include accidents and deaths.

It was the sharing of an incident on Wednesday that prompted me to write this as some Facebook followers seemed stunned and taken aback that I’d share photos from the scene of a fatality.

Those who have followed Stickboy for some time know that to be nothing unusual, however, with rapid social media growth, thousands haven’t seen or perhaps missed D&D (death and destruction) content in the past.

“We don’t want to see this”, Why share it here?”, “Stick to sexy chicks” were a few comments and then there was this: Sharon Fields Johnson – “RIP, the second picture is really not necessary. Please imagine her family coming across this; they really don’t need to remember their loved one this way.”

What Sharon and many others fail to realise is the images I shared are normal in Thai news which is where the majority of stories and content I publish are sourced from.

Take a scroll through this Facebook page** of a Thai rescue foundation if you really want to have nightmares.

**Graphic Content Warning


Accident scene photos aren’t restricted to Facebook either, Thai language newspapers publish content of this nature on a daily basis. Here is the khaosod.co.th coverage of the Chinese man who drowned on Wednesday, complete with video of volunteers from a rescue foundation trying to bring the tourist back to life.

Many will argue there is no need to share the photos or videos to tell the story and I agree 100%. I also follow up with a polite suggestion to anyone offended that they would perhaps be better off reading the Bangkok Post or The Nation.

Stickboy is what it is and you either like it or you don’t. The content I publish and share is whatever takes my fancy or catches my eye on any given day.

My only advice to new readers or followers is do what most others do, jump to the parts you like and ignore the rest which is pretty much what we all do when browsing a website or reading a Twitter timeline.

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