What’s Open This Weekend Stickboy?

Published on 9th February 2017 by Stickboy BKK

I’m drowning in emails and messages this afternoon all asking, What’s Open This Weekend Stickboy?

Why not just ask me for the winning lottery numbers? The odds of me getting them correct compared to what’s happening this weekend around the naughty nightlife areas would be stacked in my favour.

Saturday is Makha Bucha Day and in years gone by a dry day in Thailand with alcohol sales banned from midnight to midnight on the day.

Here’s what I know so far…

Soi Cowboy will close on Friday night at midnight and reopen on Sunday as the local cops want the neon alley closed on Saturday. Will the chrome pole palace located round the corner comply? Good queation.

Patpong is open as is often the case when other areas are in darkness. Expect your refreshments to be served in plastic cups and things to be a little more subdued.

whats open stickboy

Soi 4 / Nana Plaza is a tricky one. Lumpini police have told the bars it is okay to open, just no alcohol from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday. Some bar owners will open, others have decided to take the day off as last year police said the exact same thing only for the army to show up at midnight and shut everything down.

The guys in green returned the following afternoon, the day of the holiday, and told everyone to pack up and go home. I would expect the same thing to happen again this weekend but that is just my opinion and only time will tell as is always the case.

Most late night clubs will close Friday and reopen at midnight on Saturday.

Check back here Friday and Saturday and I’ll add updates but if you want to drink and party this weekend, all you need to do is look around and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Friday Update: Many soi 4 beer bars, including Stumble Inn, Hillary 4 and Morning Night will close at midnight on Friday, remain closed Saturday and resume trade on Sunday morning.

Others will be open and serving soft drinks in the hope the army don’t show up and shut them down.

It’s the same story inside Nana Plaza where bar owners are telling me they will trade after midnight on Friday serving only non-alcoholic drinks. Some say they will open Saturday, others are taking the day off as they can’t be doing with the uncertainty.

4pm – I’m now hearing Patpong bars have been told no booze after midnight which is unusual.

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