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Who Is Stickboy?



who is stickboy

It would seem a few people have a stick up their ass about who runs Stickboy Bangkok and want to “out me” for reasons known only to themselves. The domain info isn’t locked, I’ve shared my photo online and have met endless people in person who know I run this site. It’s no big secret who I am but there’s still those who think I’m trying to hide my identity and feel the need to reveal all about Stickboy.

So lets put this Who Is Stickboy? bollocks to bed once and for all as some of the keyboard warriors are so off target in identifying me it’s bordering on hilarious. I’m also a little concerned for the people who are being wrongly outed as me on several Facebook groups.

As for those sharing my name, UK address and phone number etc – that’s a pointless effort when you think about it as all that info is freely available due to the fact the WHOIS for the domain name isn’t set to private. Anyone can look it up using a million and one websites but I’ll save anyone remotely interested the trouble with a screengrab from GoDaddy, although I’m certain 99.9% of you couldn’t care less what my name is.


Admittedly, there’s not many photos of me kicking around but I have shared pics of myself out and about on social media, I just don’t do it often as I think the readers and followers would prefer to see pics of scantily clad hotties rather than a 44-year-old Scottish bloke who looks 10 years older.

See how old I look for yourself as I’ve shared my ugly mug below in a photo taken a couple of months back with the girls from Club Electric Blue when I was there doing some photos for the site.

Don’t be shy about cracking white skin / milkman / ghost jokes in the comments section below, it doesn’t bother me as I heard them all a few thousand times during my first week in school. Water off a ducks back 555+ (BTW, I suffer from Oculocutaneous Albinism OCA2 just to save any guesswork)


Another bee some people have in their bonnets is me using the name StickboyBangkok which is seen by some as a ripoff and to others as a good marketing tactic.

How I came to use the name has been up on the About page since day 1 but let me save you a click and paste it below.

What’s with StickboyBangkok – you just stole that from StickmanBangkok, right?

Now that’s a longish story and the answer is yes and no. If you check the domain registration history you’ll see StickboyBangkok was created back in 2006 which was about the time when Stickman got himself in a bit of a mess with an online feud with a guy whose name I can’t recall. At one point it looked like he was going to shut down his website and I had the brainwave of picking up where he left off. He didn’t close down and to this day Stickman still publishes his weekly column. So that plan was shelved.

In 2007 the site was used as part of an online treasure hunt along with 500+ other Stickboy related domains. In early 2014 I decided to revive SB Bangkok and relaunch it.

The bottomline is this. Stickman does his thing and does it well. He has a loyal following who will probably have little to no interest in what goes on around here. The world wide web and Bangkok are huge so there is plenty of room for everyone.

Stickman himself told me to “carry on doing what you are doing” when we briefly met last year at a party and I asked him if using the name Stickboy was a problem. If there had been any issues I’d have switched to using There weren’t any, so I didn’t. We have spoken several times since and the topic has never been mentioned again.

I’ve also had the logo and Stickboy cartoon since early 2007 and wanted to use them and seeing as the man who inspired the site doesn’t have any problems with me using the name StickboyBangkok, I don’t see why anyone else should.

Now I’ve covered the website name as well as my own what other “secrets” are there about myself that I can tell you? I still owe a former business partner a few grand. I’ve got two half brothers. McKay isn’t the surname on my birth certificate… Zzz…

I really don’t see that ANY of this matters if you stop by now and again on your internet travels to read the stories, laugh at the pics, watch some videos and scratch your head at my occasional random thoughts and opinions.

I’m sure this is how most of you feel and don’t give much, if any, thought about who Stickboy really is. Best to leave the trolls and nutters to it as they seem to be doing a great job without the need for any more help.

Stickboy aka Sticky Boy aka Mike McKay aka Mike McKwai, Wild Mike, Magic Mike, Mr Mike, and a fair few more best forgotten, is a party animal with hollow legs who loves music, current affairs, beer, food, causing trouble on Twitter, and making the most of life without worrying too much about what people think or say about his antics. You can send him stuff here -

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My Week Off Was A Washout



I turned 50 last Monday and the plan was to work all day then, later on, celebrate with my missus and a couple of close friends before taking a few days off to relax and do something other than sit in front of the computer all day and night.

This plan was carved out on Friday night and Saturday morning.

All weekend I had my head down putting together a skeleton schedule on social media for my planned time off to keep things ticking over, just at a trickle.

Then on Sunday evening, the entire plan fell apart in one small but sudden movement.

lazy dog

I did my back in and the pain was excruciating.

Despite feeling like I was getting tasered every time I moved I cracked on with the social scheduling on Monday and went out as planned.


By Wednesday I could hardly move. I tried walking, laying down, heat pads, a massage thingy for your back… no dice.

A few packets of pills from the doc started to ease the pain but coughing or sneezing left me on the verge of passing out in pain.


Over the weekend with lots of pills and laying flat out on bed relieved things somewhat but what a wasted week.

I did nothing and went nowhere.

So here I am, back at my desk having had the longest period of time off since November 2019 when I flew back to Scotland for a few days and no better off.

One word sums up my week off – washout.

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No Twitter, No Problem



Facebook is the dominant social media network with far more users than the likes of Twitter but with more users comes more rules and for Stickboy that has been an ongoing problem for the past 7 years.

In February 2020 Zuckerberg & Co pulled the plug on the original Stickboy Bangkok Facebook page that had gained 60,000 followers.

25,000 photos, 1000’s of videos and endless hours of work gone in the click of a moderators mouse – well, it is their site and their rules which I tried hard to follow but it was impossible with the haters and keyboard warriors reporting all the posts and AI technology used by Facebook incorrectly marking content as offensive.

Stickboy On Twitter

This has made the new Stickboy BKK FB page rather dull and boring plus it isn’t as easy to share others content on the platform like it is over on Twitter where they are far more relaxed with their rules of what is and isn’t acceptable to post.

The problem is a lot of people aren’t interested in Twitter or just don’t get it so followers of Stickboy end up missing out on some great content and conversations shared on that platform that just isn’t suitable for Facebook.

As a way to give readers choices, I have published a page here on that lets you see my Twitter feed without the need to download the app and sign up for an account.

I have also done the same for the Stickboy Babes Twitter account that doesn’t exist on Facebook as the risk and chances of getting banned are far too high.

So there’s no need to miss out on any great content being shared somewhere you aren’t interested in or signed up for.

No account needed, read right here on the Stickboy website

Stickboy Bangkok Twitter

Stickboy Babes Twitter

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: 5 Things Expats Love To Boast About



Bangkok is bullshit central as far as I’m concerned – it always has been and it always will be. It matters not where you work or socialise, your fellow expats in vast numbers tend to talk utter crap, usually about themselves.

There’s no stopping them and what I’ve listed below are only a handful of the things expats like to boast and brag about with 99.99% of it nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

5 Things Expats Love To Boast About


If you are here in Thailand legally what difference does it make what visa anyone else is on?

Well, to some a great deal as it happens and anyone on anything they deem a “lower status” option than theirs shall be looked upon and treated like shit on their shoe.

Yet, many claiming to have their house in order are the ones disappearing over the border every three months… because they just love Cambodia so much.

Who They Know

Name dropping knobheads are everywhere and there’s no escaping them.

Do you know such and such? I bumped into blah blah the other day. Yeah I’m pals with the owner of XYZ.

My answer in these situations is always, “Nah, sorry I don’t know many people here” and to be fair, that’s a true statement. I don’t know many people here.

The chances of me knowing some guy who put on a show in an unknown venue located down a sub soi in the arse-end of Sukhumvit Road are about slight to none much the same as me knowing the owner of XYZ.

But they are super well known in Bangkok… well, I live under a rock with a tiny population and that’s just how I like it but good for you on having such a well-known and well-connected network.

Speaking Thai

They will talk to fellow expats in Thai and then pull a face when you don’t respond – we are both native English speakers you fud so what’s with the Thai?

Then we have those who “think” they can speak the lingo when at best they can tell the taxi driver left and right on the way home but that doesn’t stop them making a complete fool of themselves with their gibberish.

So you can speak some Thai, good on ya, but you aren’t alone, there are plenty of foreigners here who have put in the effort to learn the language but there’s a time and a place but chit-chatting to me in Thai isn’t one of them.

Wife / Girlfriend

Her heritage and social standing will be mentioned in the first breath of manure coming out their mouth about her being Thai-Chinese, or is it the other way around?

You will quickly be informed of how she is the only child of a super-wealthy hi-so family who owns half of Thonglor.

In their head this makes them believe they are superior to anyone foolish enough to date an Isaan native.

And what usually makes this funnier is they aren’t dating some super-rich chick at all but some wannabe WAG.

But why spoil the fun by pointing out the obvious? Let them carry on with their foolish fantasy.

Their Latest Money Making Idea

And the most important part of the title is “idea” because 99.999% of these dreamers who harp on about the millions they are going to make with their amazing money maker never ever get around to putting their big plans into action.

They spend all day, and night, talking and do absolutely nothing.

And it’s funny how they always need a “partner” to get it off the ground.

Right, Stick is outta here before we get to how long they have lived here, the millions they are earning a month, how much champagne they drink, the fantastic job they have, how successful they were back in farrangland… and please don’t let me ever meet another special forces guy.

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