A Wild (And Very Messy) Wednesday Night

I left my place thinking I’d be home for midnight, 1am at the latest, as the two photoshoots lined up for the night should be wrapped up around 10ish.

Arriving at Nana Plaza at 7.30pm and drinking beer by 7.31pm was not a good start to my sensible plans and things carried on that way until I staggered back in the door just after 3am McDonalds in hand.

As Gav The Gaffer says, I had legs like snapped candlesticks and I had the hangover to prove it this morning and a stomach like a washer this afternoon to confirm that Wednesday night was wild and messy.

The shoots at Angelwitch and Lollipop both went well and once we were done the bosses had Cowboy in their sights so off six of us went.

A quick drink in Tilac was followed by a couple at Lighthouse, one in Afterskool and over to Cowboy 2.

A Wild And Very Messy Wednesday Night

Since there’s no smoking inside Soi Cowboy bars that means standing outside and I thought to myself I’ll cross back over to Lighthouse and smoke as there are plenty of people I knew at the outside bar.

By this point I’ve lost my senses and forgot to go back to join the boys in Cowboy 2. I only remembered I’d been drinking there when one of them came over to beat me up and tell me he’d paid my bill.

I really should have checked bin and went home but I still had one more bar to visit for a few with my buddy who was heading home today for a two-week break.

Back to Nana Plaza we went and yes, I was a drunken mess.

Thankfully Thursday is my “day off” when I do some work but mostly just chicks and pics for updates.

I really need to learn my lesson and stop hanging out with Nathan because only he could be responsible for my condition. Mr One For The Road…