The World’s Largest NON-Adult Playground

I was at an event on Thursday night at Nana Plaza’s newest bar, Twister BKK, that was something I’d never seen before at a go-go bar in The World’s Largest Playground.

It was a DJ “show” for the want of a better description. Big screen, stage, coyotes and a couple of guys doing their thing on the decks and mic. The dancers, staff and those who attended to see the “show” couldn’t get enough of it.

Me, after taking care of what I had to do, well, I ended up sat at the outside bar watching the world go by which is when I had a thought on the future of Nana Plaza.

Could it become The World’s Largest NON-Adult Playground in years to come?

The World's Largest NON-Adult Playground

The event at Twister BKK wasn’t appealing to your traditional Nana punter. This was for Thais which was obvious as I watched a group of 12 younger western guys walk in only to leave within minutes. It wasn’t what they were looking for or expecting to see. Much like many of the other customers looking for eye candy or company for the night who left for pastures new in the hour I was watching.

As I looked around, I thought the Nana Beer Garden is a decent place to meet and hang out. The soon to be renamed Short Time bar owners had touted bringing in craft beers to do something different. There’s a couple of pool tables outside the bottom end of Twister BKK that were busy the entire time I was there.

Between the nightclub style event, the courtyard bar, craft beers, pool… toss in a couple of places to eat and Nana Plaza could easily become a mainstream entertainment zone.

Sure, some bars, such as Spanky’s and Angelwitch who put on decent shows every night could still survive without the naughty element to keep visitors to The World’s Largest NON-Adult Playground entertained – with a cover charge of course.

The World's Largest NON-Adult Playground 2

I shared my thoughts with Gav The Gaffer who was aghast at my musings for the future but we are living in changing times and the demographic of visitors to Nana Plaza is very different to what it was just 5 years ago. Last night alone I must have seen at least 100 western woman, some in groups of just girls, others with their boyfriends and husbands.

The naughty nightlife business is definitely not what it once was for many reasons including technology, the world economy and the people choosing Thailand for a holiday destination not looking for ladies of the night.

Yes, tourists want to see what Bangkok is famous for but the vast majority just want a look without partaking much the same as the expats calling the capital home who are a very different bunch to those who were living here 10 years ago.

I don’t have a crystal ball and could be wandering down the wrong road with this but one thing is for sure, change is inevitable and a non-naughty Plaza is not such a ridiculous idea.