Yet Another Foreigner Tops Himself After A Bargirl Left Him Broke

Published on 7th October 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Another day, another suicide, and yet another dead farrang story.

And yup, this guy, like so many others, topped himself all because they fell for a Thai bargirl who emptied their bank accounts, leaving them penniless and, cough, cough, heartbroken.

Do people not read the internet before planning a trip to Thailand and take on board some of the plentiful advice out there? Or is it that old chestnut, “she was different”?

This time around it was 54-year-old Russian Sergey Bykov who decided to end it all by hanging himself from a tree behind Kratungthong Temple in Jomtien where he’d knocked on the door last week asking for refuge when he was down to his last few baht.

Sergey had arrived in Pattaya with 600,000 baht in savings and soon after became involved with a bargirl from Buriram. That 600k quickly lost a few zeros when his spend happy sweetheart had her hand out on a daily basis.

One of the monks told police Bykov had approached the abbot of the temple asking for permission to stay, arriving with just one set of clothes, a bank book and a little bit of cash.

He said the Russian recounted the tale of his broken bargirl relationship that seen her walk out on him when the money was all spent, leaving him without enough cash to buy a flight home or even afford a hotel.

After a few days of helping out at the temple Bykov was complaining of stomach pains and saying he wanted to kill himself. No one took him seriously until the body was found hanging from a tree.

What the hell did the monks do to deserve this? Not a damn thing. They had taken him in when he had nothing, giving him shelter and he pays them back for their generosity by topping himself. Selfish bastard is all that comes to my mind.

He should have realised long before he was down to his last 400 baht that his bar(girl)friend was a leech who was taking him for a mug. Did he think he was gonna just go pluck a few thousand off the magic money tree to keep him and his “girlfriend” with a roof over their heads?

I never have and never will get stories about guys being left broke by bargirls let alone the cowards who take their own lives leaving those here in Thailand and their families back home to clean up, and pay, for their stupidity.

Man up, grow a pair of balls and sort shit out.

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