You’re Not Just Buying A Beer

Published on 17th February 2019 by Stickboy BKK

I will never understand people rattling on about Happy Hour prices, drink deals or promos stating how much cheaper beer is at this or that place, or worse, the 7-Eleven.

It also happens with food prices too when I share a venue doing a special or 2-For-1 deal but I’m going to stick with booze as complaints and comments about beer prices are far more common.

When you walk into a sports bar for example, and I mean a real bar, not some open fronted streetside shack that calls itself a bar, you can’t expect to pay 1990s prices for a drink but many do and boy do they love to go online and moan like hell without stopping to think.

Not Just Buying A Beer

A bar in a decent spot means a monthly chunk of change for rent. We may as well cover the other utilities here too especially the aircon. Those 10+ units keeping you cool don’t run 15 hours plus a day free of charge.

The numerous big screen TVs showing sports from around the world had to be paid for as does the monthly subscriptions to numerous packages so wee Barry isn’t disappointed when he asks the manager can he show the fourth round game his 3rd division team are playing in.

Now bars aren’t self-service like back home and you don’t need to move a muscle or drag your backside to the bar for a pint or place your food order. Staff need to be paid too, and lots of them to avoid slow service. The manager overseeing it all is also likely to be on a decent wedge – and it’s not Monopoly money he takes home at the end of the month either.

Throw in monthly expenses for stock and supplies, marketing and maintenance, live music and entertainment, and it’s easy to see costs are rising fast without getting your paper and pencil out to do the sums.

And that’s just a typical pub. The list gets longer if we are talking about go-go bars.

Dancers, DJs, security etc, etc…

Not Just Buying A Beer

50 baht beers are long gone and rightly so when some chrome pole palaces are paying six and seven figures a month in rent alone. If I shared some of the wage bills just for the dancing dollybirds I know of you’d be reaching for your blood pressure tablets and asking yourself how can some owners sleep at night?

We are living in 2019. Not the “good old days”. They are history and things have changed, including prices.

There are tons of good drink deals on the go and the money-conscious – even the Brits being hit with poor exchange rates – can have a night out on the town or a good feed without breaking the bank.

But bitching and moaning about 150 baht beers or a 300 baht breakfast to anyone who’ll listen boasting how you can get a forty baht Chang here or a breakfast twice the size at half the price there, good on ya, but you just sound like a cheap miserable bastard.

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