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Lets not beat about the bush here and jump straight in. DO NOT copy entire news stories or articles from this site and republish them on forums, Facebook, or private websites without permission from myself.

The only website that had permission to syndicate and republish from was Thai Visa and from 20/3/2015 that deal expired – any other website doing so is stealing. Adding a link back is not justification for helping yourself to my work.

If you wish to share news or articles from this site there are two options. The first is email me at and work out a deal that benefits us both.

The second option is to copy the FIRST PARAGRAPH ONLY followed with a “Read Full Story Here” link to the original page on Stickboy Bangkok.

Foreign language websites can translate the entire articles and news stories accompanied by a link back to the original article / news page – not the homepage.

If I find websites copying entire news stories or articles with a link I will attempt to contact the website admin and ask for my work to be deleted. If I do not receive a suitable response within 24hrs I will report the offending site to their webhost for copyright infringement. Most hosts have a suspend site immediately, ask questions later policy as they are ultimately held responsible.

Offending websites will also be issued with an invoice for 5,000THB per article appearing on their site that will be payable within 7 days. Failure to pay will result in legal action being taken regardless of the where the site owner is based or the website hosted.

If I find websites copying entire news stories or articles without a link I will automatically generate an invoice for republishing without permission as outlined above and immediately contact their webhost for copyright infringement.

Facebook accounts, personal or public pages / groups have the option to share links without copying from this site. Any accounts copying articles will be reported using the Facebook copyright infringement reporting system that leads to suspensions and account bans.

Anyone who feels their copyrighted works have been infringed by Stickboy Bangkok can under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act file a takedown request which I will comply with if warranted.