Abandoned 5-Star Resort In Phuket

Abandoned 5-Star Phuket Resort

Unlike the Crown Nai Yang Suite Hotel that was abandoned following 2004 Asian Tsunami, the Phuket Peninsular Spa & Resort as the local press call it, or the Hyatt Regency Phuket as the builders and many locals refer to it, this 151 room resort didn’t suffer the same fate as construction on this 5-star resort didn’t begin until 2006.

Located close to Nai Yang beach, the hotel development was expected to take 14 months to complete, however, to this day it stands abandoned, unfinished and stripped of anything of any value.

Like many developments in Thailand, the owners were caught up in financial problems, ownership disputes not too mention land encroachment issues, dodgy land dealings and all sorts of other accusations that left Phuket with another half built hotel and a lot of legal wrangling.

Here’s a few pictures of what it was supposed to look like when finsished.

hyatt regency phuket

hyatt regency phuket

hyatt regency phuket

hyatt regency phuket

And here’s several video of how it stands today.

Ignore the waffle from the two young guys in the first clip, watch it for the decent drone shots. FF to 45 seconds too to skip the needless intro.

Location on Google Maps

Photo Credit: greenactsthai.com

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