Amelie And Her Bangkok Breakdown

Published on 28th February 2016 by Stickboy BKK

I asked the other day were all travel vlogs bad and it seems the answer is a resounding hell yeah. Every last one of them I see in my daily Google alerts for Bangkok email is crammed with crappy clips from twatpackers and digital douchebags.

They all visit and film the same places, all talking the same pish, all rattling on and on… then along came The Bangkok Breakdown.

Where do I start? Amelie wears HUGE glasses and she talks a lot. She complains a lot. She bubbles a lot too.

Normally I’d hit the little red x and get myself off of YouTube as quick as I can click but for reasons unknown, I kept watching and listening to Amelie rabbit on and I learned in her life vegan cakes fix everything.

The video below is almost 7 minutes… see how long you last. If you can manage to watch the entire clip I’m gonna treat you to a pint.

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