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Published on 22nd June 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Here’s a viral video made by Stickboy sponsor HeClinic and FHM Thailand asking, “Does size matter?”

Not to mention the hot model makes this worth watching even if you don’t plan on stretching your sausage this week or next.


So, you want to know the answer to the age-old question: “Does size really matter?” – scientists, therapists and divorce attorneys alike debate this topic constantly.

There have been many studies dedicated to finding out finally whether “the meat matters more than the motion”. Well, if you are out shopping at the supermarket and you find that you can buy a large cucumber for the same price, or only a little bit more expensive than a much smaller one, which are you going to choose?

For men around the world, one very intimate subject has often been a source of anxiety: the size of their manhood.

Most men will have worried about the size of their private parts at some point and many still regard their ‘membership’ to be inadequate. HE Clinic recently did an informal survey of over 200 heterosexual men and found that 68% of respondents had concerns about size.

The results of another recent survey, this time of women, showed that 72% regarded sizeas “important”, and 12% as “very important”. A typical response: “Unfortunately I think it might actually matter. It just feels better and hits the right spots. Sometimes it doesn’t if the guy is really good at foreplay, etc.. But otherwise… it does.” — Suzy, 26.

And here’s a quote from Christine Warren, USA Today and New York Times bestselling American author of romance novels: “Didn’t anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter? Yes, but I told him to put his pants back on and go home!”.

So it seems that both men and women agree that size does matter and that more girth heightens feeling and amplifies intimate encounters. The fact is that men who are dissatisfied with their size report more problems with their health and have lower self-esteem.

But, hey guys, no need to get hung up about it! Quit buying bigger shoe sizes to try to impress the girls.

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