Angry Shopper Smashes Window Of Pickup Parked In Disabled Bay

Angry Man Smashes Window Of Pickup Parked In Disabled Bay

Smartphone footage shared by an angry man who smashed the window of a pickup parked in a disabled parking bay at a Chiang Rai supermarket as he confronts the driver has gone viral over the weekend,

Peerapong Amornpich went into a rage on Saturday night when he spotted the pickup pull up and park in a spot reserved for the disabled and saw the driver and passenger were both fit and able.

His blood pressure rose to new highs when he came back out to find the pickup still parked in the disabled bay having asked the supermarket manager to make a public announcement asking the driver to move it.

So he smashed one of the windows to teach the driver a lesson.

When the driver and passenger returned, Mr Peerapong was waiting to explain his actions and offer to pay for the damage.

The driver said he did not see the signs stating the spot was reserved for disabled drivers nor did he hear the public announcement in the supermarket.

He asked why the matter couldn’t have been settled by both men talking instead of damaging his truck.

The matter was settled at the local cop shop where Mr Peerapong handed over 10,000 baht in damages.