BTS ‘Ramp To Nowhere’ Meets International Standards, MRTA Says; Interwebs Die Laughing

Published on 19th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Interwebs Die Laughing

Long chided for their indifference, if not outright hostility, to the disabled, Thai mass transit authorities were first in line to pat themselves on the back after building wheelchair ramps at all the new Green Line stations – until everyone pointed out that one Samut Prakan ramp went absolutely nowhere.

“We designed stations on the Bearing-Samut Prakan line by adhering to universal design principles which allow every group of people, especially the disabled and elderly, to access the trains,” the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand said Wednesday.

“Access them how exactly?”, is what everyone else was asking after seeing photos of the ramp connected to an elevator at one end and a pile of weeds, trash and brush at the other.

Somewhere, contractors Somchai & Sons were having a good chuckle at the BTS’ expense, all the way to the bank.

Interweb users rightfully mocked the government authority, which splashed the cash to builders, but never bothered to check their work. A Facebook fan page dedicated to the “disabled” BTS Sai Luat station ramp even popped up.

Of course, the ramp to nowhere is just the latest example of the BTS not giving a damn about anyone not able to walk up two flights of stairs.

Earlier this year the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration doled out 256 million baht to retrofit elevators into BTS stations after spending four years ignoring a Supreme Court order to make its stations accessible.

The MRTA said it will ask Samut Prakan officials to measure the boundaries of the public sidewalk near the station so it could be extended to the mouth to the ramp to nowhere.

Photo Credit: Ahmel Al-Sharif

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