Condo Owner Furious With Messy American

Published on 6th November 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Ryan Neal Dickerson

Photos shared by a Bangkok landlord of a trashed condo she rented to an American man and his Thai girlfriend have gone viral this week.

Kulisara Udorn was furious and wanted to warn other landlords after the couple left the rented room at the Grene Condo in Suthisarn damaged and dirty state without notice and unpaid bills.

Condo Owner Messy American

dirty toilet

Garbage, including needles, was scattered across the entire place. Damaged floors and doors plus a toilet that appeared to never been cleaned let alone flushed.

Ms Udorn tried numerous ways to contact the couple without success and is now left with a 4,000 baht electricity bill and a hefty tab to clean and repair the unit.

Photo Credit: Kulisara Udorn

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