Crowdfunding Page Setup To Buy British Drug Mule Out Of Thai Jail

Published on 22nd June 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Crowdfunding Page Free Drug Mule Thai Slammer

A JustGiving page has been set up to raise funds to “buy” a drug mule out of a Thai jail after he was busted by police.

The crowdfunding page has been circulating on Facebook with plenty of som nam na replies to those sharing the story.

So far a whopping £20 of £38,000 (1.6m baht) target for Ryan Deakin, originally from Sheffield, has been raised after one woman made a donation.

My friend Ryan moved to Thailand 2 years ago. He had a job and was very excited about a new life in Thailand. All was well for the first year. Then he got sick. He had to pay for an operation which took most of his savings. That was his first mistake, not having health insurance. After the operation he found it difficult to work, and lost his job. He should have come home.

His second mistake. He tried to get another job, but was unsuccessful. He soon found himself homeless, and in a really bad situation. He was helped by some friendly Thai people who took him in.

His third mistake. They gave him a place to stay and helped him with food and money. In return he dropped of and picked up items to other Thai people. After a while he started to question what was in the packages. He was not given any answers and told them he dint want to do it anymore.

They started to threaten him then the next day he was stopped and searched by the police. They had planted a package in his motorbike containing drugs. The police found the package.

He is now in jail looking at 8 years. His family can not help. The jail will release him but want 1.6 million baht plus he must pay his legal fees and flight home.

Please help him he is only 34 and never been in trouble before.

If we don’t raise enough to bring him home, any money raised will help him with food and legal bills.

I don’t think he has much chance of raising the cash or being able to negotiate a £38k payoff now that the story is doing the rounds, even more so when one of the large Thai FB pages get wind of it which will see his sob story hit the mainstream Thai news.

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