DLT Fines Airport Cabbie For Rudeness

Published on 10th July 2018 by Stickboy BKK

DLT Fines Airport Cabbie For Rudeness

In what could become a goldmine for the Thai government, the Land Transport Department has fined a Suvarnabhumi taxi driver 1,000 baht for being rude.

Imagine the windfall should the policy take hold nationwide.

DLT chief Sukree Jatuphoom to Channel 7 television that driver Amphai Silaporn also was dinged another 1,000 baht for refusing to the use the meter in his SUV-sized taxi.

Swift justice was dispensed after a family of six aired their complaint via Facebook.

Amphai apparently told the family that, since there were so many of them, they’d need two cabs. Pointing to the large vehicle, they begged to differ, telling the driver to put his mouth in park and his car in gear, adding that what he suggested was illegal.

Snippy Somchai then got abusive, sealing his fate once the family fired up Facebook in the back seat.

Sukree confirmed that large taxis – for which passengers pay a larger airport surcharge – can carry up to seven people.

She noted that no one had dared level a complaint against Amphai before, but he was now on the radar and any more offenses would see his license suspended.

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