Dozens Watch Terminal 21 Security Guards Beat Up Cabbie

Published on 29th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Dozens Watch Terminal 21 Rent-A-Thug Security Guards Beat Up Cabbie

Smartphone footage showing several security guards working at Bangkok’s Terminal 21 mall beating up a taxi driver they had a dispute with is spreading like wildfire this afternoon on social media.

Initial reports state the cab driver was refusing to take passengers on the meter who’d been shopping at the mall and had been asked to move on by security which the driver allegedly refused to do.

Dozens looked on as at least three guards repeatedly kicked and punched the cabbie when he got out his vehicle which is where the viral video begins.

Terminal 21 have issued a statement saying the security work for an outside company hired by the mall and all involved have been sent back for their bosses to deal with them.

Nothing like passing the buck when you hire cheap labour and don’t want to take responsibility.

At this stage there are no updates relating to police pressing charges.

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