Drug Smuggler Forced To Apologise To Two Chickens [Video]

Published on 14th July 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Drug Smuggler Forced To Apologise To Chickens

A drug smuggler sobs in handcuffs as police make him apologise to two CHICKENS for stuffing condoms filled with meth pills down their throats.

Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, crammed the yaba tablets into seven different rubber contraceptives and forced one bird to swallow three and the other four.

He was carrying the birds in two boxes and waiting for a tuk tuk when officers who had been tipped off noticed him acting suspiciously.

They opened the boxes and were shocked by the huge bulges in the stomachs of the chickens in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand on Wednesday.

Bizarre footage shows Charnwut sitting in tears with his hands cuffed as he is forced to say sorry and ‘wai’ – clasp his hands in a praying motion – to the hapless birds.

Incredibly, a skilful policeman was able to SAVE the birds by making a careful incision to open their stomachs and gently removing the condoms containing a total of 1,383 synthetic methamphetamine pills.

Charnwut, in floods of tears is then made to wai to the chickens and point to the drugs.

Police Colonel Arunsak Buaprasert Director of Fang District Police Station said: ”Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, stood on the road carrying two boxes. Police Lieutenant Phannakumanon checked the boxes and observed the chickens with unusual symptoms.’’

The two birds had the wounds stitched back up at these scene and later posed for pictures at a police conference before being handed over to a suitable new owner.

Charnwut admitted buying the two cocks to smuggle drugs which he said he bought from a woman in a neighbouring village. He was charged with drugs offences and animal cruelty and remanded in custody.

Via Viral Press

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