A Farrang, A Ferrari, A Fracas = Viral Video

Published on 26th September 2019 by Stickboy BKK

farrang ferrari

Smartphone footage of an allegedly drunk farrang getting himself into all sorts of bother in Khon Kaen after he crashed his Ferrari into a Thai woman’s car has gone viral.

The unnamed foreigner, who a witness said he boasted about being the richest farrang in the province, can be seen effing and jeffing in his best Thai at a female driver who wasn’t pleased he’d run into her car.

Before the video went viral the man had been fined for neglegent driving, however, once the clip started doing the rounds the boys in brown had no choice but to bring him back in to press further charges as he can clearly be seen attempting to throw a punch.

Assault, defamation and causing annoyance were among the charges on the new rap sheet – all of which carry minimum fines.

Thai media reported this matter, like others in the past involving weapons and assault, were swept under the carpet when both parties agreed to an out of court finiancial settlement.

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