Farrang Plays Finders Keepers With Money Dropped By A Thai Lady

Published on 11th June 2019 by Stickboy BKK

thieving farrang

A foolish old farrang down in Pattaya has come under fire from Thais on social media for playing finders keepers with money dropped by a Thai lady at a supermarket checkout.

The old boy must be short on pension money or just a bad apple as there wasn’t an honest bone in his body when he spotted the 1,000 baht note fall to the floor at the Friendship Supermarket in South Pattaya.

Not a peep out of him to the lady ahead of him in the queue… no, no, no. That dosh was going in his pocket for a few pints of Chang later on.

What the silly old bugger didn’t bank on was someone sharing CCTV footage of his dishonesty on Facebook where it soon went viral with 1000’s commenting – and as you can imagine, none of them were polite.

Oh, the outrage…

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