Forget Your Phone In A Cab? Here’s One Way To Get It Back

Published on 29th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Forget Your Phone In A Cab

More than 40,000 reports of lost items were filed this with traffic watchdog JS100 this year, which actually operates a hotline to report stuff left in taxis and elsewhere.

The most common items left behind in cabs were, of course, mobile phones, followed closely by wallets. Next on the list were handbags (both purses and man-bags), notebook computers, luggage and shopping bags.

JS100 said a fair few cabbies actually do try to return items left in the back seat or trunk, but, in most cases, it’s gone forever.

Should you leave an item in a cab or elsewhere and want to report a lost-and-found item, call 1137. JS100 will put the item on its website and on social media.

The company also has published a few tips to keep you and your stuff together:

– Don’t place your smartphone on the seat next to you. You might plan to pick it back up in a second, but likely will leave it there when you get out.

– Men’s wallets have a tendency to fall out of back pockets when sitting in the back of a cab.

– Keep your handbag on your lap, not on the seat next to you. With it there, you won’t forget it.

– Be sure to check the dark crevasses of a cab’s trunk for bags or luggage. Items can move during transit.

– Shopping bags often are placed on the floor of the back seat or in the trunk. In both cases, items can fall out and roll to where they are unseen. Check thoroughly or keep them on the seat next to you.

– As on a plane, take time getting out of a cab to ensure you have all your possessions.

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