Italian Kicks Off In Fake Shirt Fury

Published on 11th September 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Italian Kicking Off

Video footage of an Italian boxer and his entourage blowing a fuse over what he claims are copies of his shirts for sale has been doing the rounds today on social media after it made the mainstream news.

The story according to the shopkeepers is the Italian ordered a bunch of shirts which he never paid for so they went ahead and put them up for sale to covers their costs.

Mr Italiano claims otherwise alleging the shop have copied his design and flogging fakes.

Making sense so far? It likely is until I tell you it was six YEARS ago he ordered the gear.

That’s where my hands go up and tell you all Dragon’s Den styl,e “I’m out”.

FF the clip to 1m 19s unless you want to watch the interview with the shop owners telling their side of the story.

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