Mystery Woman Strips Off To Wash In A Chiang Mai Canal

Published on 19th March 2015 by Stickboy BKK

chiang mai

Passersby looked on in bewilderment yesterday lunchtime as a woman said to be in her forties, stripped down to a tiger skin bikini and proceeded to take a bath in a canal by Maneenopparat Rd in Chiang Mai.

Those who witnessed the bizarre scene said she left her clothes and other belongings on a grass bank and took only soap into the water to wash herself.

The unidentified woman was gone by the time reporters and local police arrived at the scene on Wednesday around 12.30pm.

The number 1 question being asked by Thai Facebook users was… drum roll… “Chinese?”, whilst some others were suggesting it was perhaps nothing more than a silly prank.

Despite the image being blurred she was wearing a bikini, perhaps there was concern over the new underboob laws which is why thairath decided against sharing the original.

Image cr.

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