Naked Foreigner Hugging Phallus Shaped Rock Causes Uproar

Published on 13th March 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Samui Stripper

A foreign woman who was snapped stark naked hugging a famous Samui landmark had the internet in an uproar after the pictures went viral.

According to Thai media, local residents, vendors, business owners, officials, the island soi dogs and the two cats that live near the beach were demanding cops spring into action, shutdown the island and man every possible escape route the naked tourist could possibly use to make her getaway.

Yes, what we see here are the actions of an idiot but so many people need to take a chill pill and calm down.

It is clear she has done wrong and it is also obvious she shouldn’t be allowed to get away with her idiotic antics but reading the comments on popular Thai social media pages you’d think she’d mounted the phallus shaped rock and got herself off while streaming the show live via Facebook with the entire world watching.

Hin Ta (Grandpa rock), which is next to Hin Yai (Grandma rock) were erected for the spirits of grandparents and it is now necessary for the Samui stripper to be brought back and made to apologise to the two sacred rocks, said to be haunted by the spirit of an old man.

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