Off Duty Cop Issues Parking Ticket, Starts Online War Of Words

Published on 3rd June 2015 by Stickboy BKK

off duty cop ticketing cars

Photos of an off-duty policeman clamping and ticketing a car have divided Thais over the past 24 hours as they hammer away at their keyboards saying he was right to do it with the others all calling for his badge, saying he went beyond his duties.

Lots of pleasantries are being exchanged by those on opposing sides with all the usual hilarious memes being dusted down and shared as the neither side backs down in their belief the cop had every right to issue a ticket and clamp the car even though he’d clocked off for the day or he didn’t.

If you ask me he was probably on the lookout for a small donation to his evening entertainment kitty and when it wasn’t forthcoming he put on his dick helmet and went to work, being a dick.

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