Poor Pooch Has His Penis Cut Off

Published on 28th October 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Poor Pooch Has His Penis Cut Off

A stray dog was forced to have ‘gender reassignment’ surgery after a cruel local tied a rubber band around his penis.

The Aspin breed of dog was seen wandering around a temple in Lampang, northern Thailand earlier this month with a swollen member.

Concerned residents called local dog carer Angsuma Srikham who arrived to find the pooch’s penis was sore and infected.

Someone had cruelly tied a rubber band tied around the end of the pooch’s member which had caused it to swell and was preventing the dog from doing the toilet properly.

Angsuma said the dog, nicknamed Dang, was in pain. She believes that a cruel resident had tied the penis as punishment for Dang urinating.

Kind-hearted Angsuma tried to cure the injured dog herself by giving him painkillers but he was in so much pain he refused to take any food or pills.

The dog lover contacted the provincial animal rescuer Tossaporn Hanprasert and asked her for help, taking Dang to the vet last week.

Tragically, medics said it was too late to save the dog’s penis and it would need to be removed for him to stand any chance of survival.

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