Russian Runs Out Of Money, Girlfriend Dumps Him

Russian Runs Out Of Money

This isn’t news by a long shot but the story of a Russian guy who was dumped by his Thai girlfriend when he ran out of money has been circulating on Facebook after being shared by the popular YouLike page.

Identified only as Alex, the story goes he opened a beauty salon in Rayong with his girlfriend and when things didn’t go as planned with the business and his bank balance hit zero she dumped him.

He claims this has left him with no money to return home and despite trying to sell the business no offers came his way so to feed himself he sold off all the beauty shop equipment. Now that cash has dried up shop owners around the empty salon have been feeding him for the past two months.

Russian Runs Out Of Money

As you’d expect the embassy have told him to take a hike as it’s not their problem but many questioned why his family back in Russia couldn’t help him out with the price of a plane ticket.

Others commented the woman was heartless and gave Thailand a bad name but this story is as common as 7-11’s. And not just here in Thailand. This happens the world over and people just need something to gossip about on Facebook.