Teacher Slaps Protesting Student, The Interwebs Go Wild

Published on 23rd August 2015 by Stickboy BKK

A Korat teacher lost the plot and slapped a student leading a protest into a 200 baht a head SMS service launched by the school sending the Facebooks into a feeding frenzy for his head on a plate when a 2-minute video clip of the incident went viral on Friday.

The unnamed student wanted to know how the admins had spent the money collected for a new service that was said to allow the school to keep in touch with students and parents via text messaging.

Demanding answers, dozen of students gathered on the football field and the school administrator wasn’t a happy camper. He first smashes a soft drink can to the ground, stomping on it like a mad man before turning his attention, and anger, to the eleventh grader. He gives the kid a right crack to the back of the head, even taking a small jump for extra power.

The gathered crowd jeered and a gym teacher stepped in telling the old boy to calm the fuck down. Perhaps not in those words but that was the gist of things.

As you can imagine, the interwebs went wild as the video got more and more shares on social media with commentors demanding blood and his angry ass fired.

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