Tessakit Trickster Confronted For Fining Tourists

Published on 15th March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

tessakit conman

Video footage of a man masquerading as a city official (tessakit) from Pathum Wan District being confronted by locals for ripping off tourists has gone viral today.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday saying it was recorded in the Sanam Luang area of the city.

The man had been spotted fining many tourists – I’m assuming for littering – and those who witnessed his actions felt something was amiss so they confronted him.

It was then the group noticed his badge was from a neighbouring district meaning he shouldn’t even be handing out fines in that particular part of the city, if he was indeed a real official, which it very much looks like he wasn’t from his attire.

It is unknown if the man in uniform had gone rogue or was nothing more than a trickster posing as a tessakit as he brushed away those questioning him and rode off on his bike.

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