Thai Interwebs Up In Arms Over Tuk Tuk ‘Sex’ Video

Thai Interwebs Up In Arms Over Tuk Tuk Sex Video

Grainy smartphone footage of a couple allegedly having sex in a tuk tuk has got the Thai interwebs knickers in a twist with calls for police to take action despite no conclusive proof they were having a quickie at all.

The now-deleted video clocked up hundreds of thousands of views, shares and comments after being shared by Facebook user Khun-Khachen.

As you can see from the video above, there’s no telling if the couple were engaging in a bit of rumpy pumpy or they were just fooling around.

That didn’t stop the internet going nuts with commenters discussed at what they saw with some demanding police hunt down the group and bring them in for questioning over their antics.

As is always the case when this sort of thing happens, some social media users would have them sent to the gallows if they had their way.

No doubt there will be a presser tomorrow with a lot of wais and “We’re sorry Thailand” quotes.