Turns Out The Pointing Pro Is A Well Known C**t

Published on 6th September 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Turns Out The Pointing Pro Is A Well Known

This morning I shared a photo of a farrang with the caption he’s “He’s pointing like a pro” before bookmarking the ThaiRath link to come back to later if it was a snooze news day as the story didn’t involve any death or destruction.

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later the pointing pro and star of the photo – Zachery “My Favourite Word Is C**t” Sullivan from Everything Bangkok – messaged me to say it was him in the picture I’d shared.

When I skimmed the original article I did see the name but didn’t think it was the same Zach, plus the burglars name Mr Penguin was far more amusing.

zach pointing

Turns outs Mr Penguin, whose actual name is rather less amusing but why let the facts get in the way of a news report, had broken into Zach’s holiday home not once but nine times helping himself to all-sorts including his beer.

He’d even went for a kip during his boozy break-ins and probably cracked one off on the bed just for good measure while he had the house to himself.

ThaiRath reported that Mr Zack Kerry Sullivan aged just 29 (???) ended up catching the light fingered lowlife himself with a hidden camera.

Mr P admitted to blagging a rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, fan, kettle, specs and linen plus he puts his hands up to downing a few beers too.

All joking aside, the 18-year-old factory worker caused around 100,000 bahts worth of damage and now faces various charges including five counts of theft.

As for Zach, it was right back to it on EB to hammer out a few more insults and enjoy his 15 minutes of fame.

Photo Credit: ThaiRath

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