VIDEO: Farrang Dancing Naked At Khaosan Road Songkran Party

Published on 15th April 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Farrang Dancing Naked At KSR Songkran Party

A video has emerged of the naked farrang who shot to fame on social media Tuesday night for all the wrong reasons after he was snapped stark naked in the middle of a busy Bangkok street full of Songkran revelers.

The photo below started flying all over Twitter and Facebook last night around 8pm and it was inevitable a video would surface as the street was so busy, it was only a matter of time.

Farrang Dancing Naked At KSR Songkran Party

And as sure as the sun a Socialcam clip appeared just before midnight that shows the man wasn’t pulling a stupid prank as some had suggested earlier when they seen the original photo.

Quite the opposite in fact as the video takes his naked antics in the middle of a packed Khaosan Road to a whole new level as you’ll see in the footage below.

He is quite clearly out of his mind on drugs or booze, most likely a combination of both and most definitely not wanting to heed the advice of those partying around him to cover up. At one point he ends up with a plastic cup covering his modesty but he doesn’t seem to be wanting to get dressed just yet as he dances and shakes his chipolata for all to see.

The comments were amusing but if the truth be told he is nothing more than one of the village idiots I spoke of before who deserves a few weeks in the cells to give him time to consider his actions. In fact make that a few months just for good measure and we’ll see how quick he is to strip off and dance around naked in cell full of Somchai’s.

It goes without say the video does contain nudity and I’m not just talking butt cheeks here.

Pic via @issheonanything

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